Whey low Sugar

Whey Low Natural Sugar

100% Natural Tastes Exactly like Sugar...Guaranteed! 75% fewer Calories than sugar. 70-80% lower Glycemic Index than sugar Only 1 Effective Carb per Serving. One-for-one replacement for sugar in ALL food applications. Whey Low® is perfect for baking. Because of their low glycemic index, Whey Low® Granular, Whey Low® Granular Packets, Whey Low® Gold, and Whey Low® Maple are all ideal for low-carb dieters. The available carbohydrate count or impact carbohydrates for Whey Low® in combination with dietary carbohydrates is only 1 gram of carbohydrates per 1 teaspoon serving. The carbohydrate count for table sugar is 4 grams per teaspoon. 

Whey Low® is all-natural. Splenda® is partly artificial.
Whey Low® is a patented blend of natural sugars. Splenda® contains a chlorinated carbon-based chemical.
Whey Low® tastes exactly like sugar...Guaranteed. Splenda® does not back such a guarantee.
Whey Low® is perfect for baking, just like sugar. Splenda® requires special recipes for baking.
Whey Low® Granular has 5 Calories per 5 gram tsp. Splenda® Sugar Blend for Baking has 20 Calories per 5 gram tsp.