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New Customer April 16th, 2019 at 4:23am I'm a Bergen County NJ girl transplanted in Los Angeles. A friend gave me your cookies as a gift and here I am eating them at 1:20am! Delicious! May the universe continue to bless you!

Hi Jane, Thank you for putting such great low sugar cookies out there in the world. My 12yr old daughter had to frastically reduce the amount of sugar in her diet 2 years ago and trying to find even non desserts without loads of sugar has been challenging. Forget about the actual desserts which are everywhere in our children's lives and almost always made with 100 times more sugar than anyone needs to satisfy a sweet tooth. You have proven that a sweet can be made without being truly horrible for you and it still tastes fantastic even to a kid! Keep going yum Zoe and her 12 year old daughter Happy

Jane Bakes: I just wanted to send you a note to ask if I can put your WONDERFUL cookies with your company and where people can get them on my Facebook Account? I have been on a low carb diet for a few months now and loosing a lot of weight and looking for something if I get a craving for something sweet and you fit in GREAT. These are the BEST tasting cookies since Oreos!!!! (those I cannot have!!!) I am now disabled and have put on weight since I am not as active as I used to be. Your cookies are so good I would LOVE to share the info with my friends but wanted to ask first. Please let me know if that is ok? THANK YOU and I will order the Vanilla bean Cookies again. Maureen Shackelton

My name is Kaitlin Fornell and my husband and I constantly by your cookies at the Brooklyn Fare in the West Village. Our favorites are hazelnut dark chocolate, whiskey chocolate chip and the double chocolate. The reason why I am contact you is I was wondering- are you in need of sales people? I would love to do some commission based sales/business development for you...... We LOVE the cookies and it would be so much fun to help you grow your brand!!!! Let me know... Best Kaitlin