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Jane Bakes Cookies were conceived after a house fire in february of 2007, followed by a heart attack at the age of 41 that July and then the crash of the stock market in September that saw her business tumble. Jane took stock of her life, her business and her future.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, a need to create and a never give up attitude; Jane started experimenting in the kitchen with healthier versions of her favorite foods (at the request of her cardiologist!). She had plenty of time on her hands, as the recession tightened its grip, crippling the flower industry. She eventually was forced to close down her large flower operation and decided to open up a small cafe' that would not only let her experiment with her new found love (baking and creating healthier food recipes), but also gave her a space to still create her beautiful fresh flower designs on a much smaller scale, more for family and friends and old clients. Jane's cookies are high fiber, have a low glycemic index, low carbs and are 100% whole grain. Using only the finest REAL ingredients, such as dark chocolate grated by hand, vanilla bean scraped, lemons zested as well as cage free eggs and non hormone butter. Those who try them love them and many who cannot tolerate sweets seem to be able to tolerate these. The cookies are based on a french sable cookie so they have a unique texture and come in unique recycled packaging. The cookies can be found now in over 200 stores on the east Coast and Jane is determined to see them in all major specialty grocers across the country in the near future.